Moffett Field Historical Society Museum

Moffett Field —
an eventful and important history, 1931 to the present ...
Moffett Field has a storied and important history, — a history that includes major contributions to our natiional security and the advancement of science and technology. Beginning in 1931, Moffett Field has grown as a facility with evolving roles to meet the needs of the respective eras since then. As an introduction and overview, section provides a short history of Moffett Field together with in-depth look at each of the eras that has defined its history:
  • The Macon era
  • The Army era
  • The WWII era
  • The Post War era
  • Moffett Field today
We also tell the story of the Moffett Field Chapel and present In Memorium in tribute to those who lost their lives while in service at Moffett Field.

NOTE: The links above are to histories in pdf form. Some are not yet available while they are being researched and prepared.