Moffett Field Historical Society Museum


The Moffett Field Historical Society was formed in May 1993 under the leadership of Ms. Carol Henderson and Ms. Rose Leslie, with the support of Commander Carl Honacker, the last Executive Officer of NAS Moffett Field. The Museum was created one year later with the assistance of several dedicated volunteers, and was originally located in the west side of historic Hangar One, remaining there until January 2002 when it was closed due to the discovery of hazardous materials detected throughout the Hangar structure. The Hangar was permanently closed due to evidence of Asbestos, PCBs, and Lead Paint in May 2003.

The Society obtained the use of Building 126 on Severyns Avenue across the street from the Hangar, and re-opened in April 2005. The Museum is managed and staffed entirely by dedicated and extremely knowledgeable volunteers. These staffers continue in their search for additional information regarding Moffett Field and its historic involvement with the most advanced flying aircraft carrier of its time.

The goal of the Society is to capture the heritage of Moffett Field before personal contacts are no longer with us, and to pass this information on to future generations.

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